“Pockets” form between the teeth and gumline, creating areas where disease-causing bacteria can easily accumulate and damage your teeth and bone structure. In addition to damaging the health of your smile, this can also negatively affect your smile’s appearance and result in increased tooth sensitivity. To treat periodontal disease, our periodontist may recommend a bone graft. This treatment option harnesses your body’s natural ability to regenerate and regrow tissue and bone.

Bone grafting involves folding back the gum tissues and removing bacteria. Dr. Connie will then place a bone graft to treat any defects in the bone. The grafting material can come from your own bone, donated bone, animal bone or synthetic bone. Other regenerative materials such a membrane, tissue graft or bone-stimulating protein will be placed under the gums. This encourages the body to naturally regenerate tissues in that area. Once the bone graft is in place, the gum tissues are secured over the tooth root. Over time, your bone will regenerate to correct the gingival recession. Bone grafts can also be used to regenerate lost bone tissue to further improve your oral health.

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